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egiav-group.fr is a website of the Egiav Group company which simplifies your administrative procedures and services for companies trading online in Europe. 

egiav-group.fr is edited by Egiav Group France SASU and hosted by OVH CLOUD SAS in France.                      

You will also find on egiav-group.com :                   

forms related to the services to be downloaded and returned electronically; 

news informing you of new developments; 

online tools for ordering a service; and 

information about our services and products.    

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Réglementation / Legals

You are currently connected to the egiav-group.com website published for Egiav Group Hong-Kong Co. Ltd, Private Company Limited with a capital of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (as of 01/12/2019) and for Egiav Group France, Société par actions simplifiée à associé unique with a capital of 5 euros (as of 01/07/2019).

EGIAV GROUP HONG-KONG CO. LTD is an administrative and business services group. 

Registered office : Kaiser Centre 22F, 18 Centre Street - Hong Kong R.A.S.

Register Number : 2891052

Telephone number : +352 621 694 906

Email : contact@egiav-group.com 

Director of Publication : Edouard Charles-Henri Pueo-Gémy

EGIAV GROUP FRANCE SAS is a provider of administrative and accounting services for companies. 

Registered office : 7 Rue de Provence - 1-1002 - F-55400 Etain - France

SIREN number : 852 031 798 (RCS Bar-Le-Duc)

Individual identification number (VAT) : FR 03 852031798

Telephone number : +33 3 HH HH HH HH

Email : contact@egiav-group.com

Director of publication : Edouard Charles-Henri Pueo-Gémy


Housting: OVH, Société par actions simplifiée au capital de 10 174 560 € dont le siège social est au Rue Kellermann, 2 - F-59100 Roubaix - France

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Website Terms of use (CGU)

Any person making use of the information, documents, products, software and various services (collectively the "Services") offered by the www.egiav-group.fr website is deemed to have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of these general conditions of use. 

Definition and purpose

1. www.egiav-group.fr are websites operated by Egiav Group France SASU (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") for the purpose of facilitating users' access to information for each of the Company's services.

2. The www.egiav-group.fr website is aimed at a distinct target group of users: individuals and professional members.

3. The use of www.egiav-group.fr is free of charge.                             

Obligations of the user        

4. Access to the www.egiav-group.fr website is via the Internet. The user declares that he/she is aware of the risks and accepts them. He/she must protect himself/herself against the effects of computer piracy by adopting a suitable and secure computer configuration.

5. The Company shall not be held liable for any damage that the user may suffer directly or indirectly in connection with browsing the www.egiav-group.fr website and using its services and the websites to which it refers.          

Cookie management  

6. www.egiav-group.fr does not use client cookies. Some services on the site use cookies outside www.egiav-group.fr

7. The user can decide for himself whether or not the web server of www.egiav-group.com is allowed to store cookies on his computer. He can, at any time, choose to adjust the options of his browser so that cookies are not accepted and stored. In addition, he can, at any time, delete, via the browser, cookies already stored.

8. The use of certain partner functionalities within the www.egiav-group.com website may be limited or deactivated if the user refuses cookies from the partner website. The user is therefore recommended to set his browser to accept cookies from the site.

Modification of www.egiav-group.com      

9. The Company reserves the right to change, modify or suspend, without prior notice, the www.egiav-group.fr website for maintenance, updating or any other reason deemed necessary. In particular, the Company may at any time withdraw, add to, complete or clarify all or part of the information and services contained or offered on the www.egiav-group.fr website. The Company shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage in connection with such changes.

General limitations of liability    

10. The Company will do its best to ensure maximum availability of the www.egiav-group.fr website. However, the Company shall not be held liable in the event of the temporary or total unavailability of the www.egiav-group.fr website.

11. The liability of www.egiav-group.fr is expressly excluded for all direct and indirect consequences:

-The lack of compatibility between the service offered and the equipment, applications, procedures or infrastructures of the user or third parties;

A security flaw originating from the user or a third party and more generally, any security flaw not directly attributable to www.egiav-group.fr;

-The consequences of errors and/or fraud committed by the user or a third party;

-Any unavailability or malfunctioning of electronic communication systems or networks.                    

Links to external websites    

12. For the convenience of users, the www.egiav-group.fr website may contain links to external websites that may be useful or of interest to them. The Company does not systematically control the content of these sites. Therefore, they cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites, either in terms of their legality or the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Intellectual property 

13. The egiav-group.com website, all its elements (including the layout) as well as the information and Services are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws.

14. Unless otherwise specified, the Company does not grant any license or authorization with respect to the intellectual property rights it has in the egiav-group.com site, its Elements or the Services. Furthermore, no reproduction of the information or Services, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, is permitted without the prior written consent of the Company.

15. Unless otherwise indicated, the user is authorised to consult, download and print the documents and information available under the following conditions: 

The documents may only be used for personal, informative and strictly private purposes;

The documents and information may not be modified in any way whatsoever; and

The documents and information may not be distributed outside the egiav-group.fr website.

16. The rights implicitly or explicitly granted to you above constitute an authorisation of use and in no way a transfer of rights, property or otherwise relating to the egiav-group.fr site.

Modification of the terms and conditions of use

17. These general terms and conditions of use may be modified or supplemented at any time, without prior notice, as a result of changes to the egiav-group.fr website, changes in legislation or for any other reason deemed necessary. It is the user's responsibility to inform himself/herself of the general terms and conditions of use of the egiav-group.com website, of which only the updated version accessible online is deemed to be in force. It is possible that between two uses of the egiav-group.com site, the specific general terms and conditions of use may be modified and it is therefore up to the user to read them carefully before each new use.

Applicable law and competent jurisdictions  

18. Any dispute relating to the use of the egiav-group.fr site and its Services shall be governed by French law and shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Bar-Le-Duc.

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